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The title image: phaselia blue in the garden is the door to the archive, click to enter...

The "hand-pointing-up" icon on top of the pages leads back to BOX-A, the register and links to all the boxes of the archive. Le "graduate-cap" icon in BOX-0 (explications et histoire du site) mène vers le prospectus de ", plateforme et mauel d'histoire-géo pour la première et la terminale de Education Nationale". the "tv-screen" icon points to the aleph99 youtube channel.

The "archive" is supposed to demand a minimum of maintenance and to be easily adaptable to new versions of the cms. Hopefully the little extension wwlinks will work with future versions. Aswell as the "Faceted research" extension which gives the index but actually does not allow full text search in pdf files (the providers server system lacks pdfinfo and pdf2html.

All the "boxes" of the archive are on root level each with its own foreground layout template. Most of these are identical (wwlinks:  only headers with a link), HOME and one or the other page use a bootstrapPackage template.